Do You Travel?
Whether you travel for work or pleasure or both, it never hurts to share ideas for making a trip less stressful.  Having recently returned from a short vacation I thought it might be helpful to share some of my tips for easing the stress of traveling.  So, here's the short list!

  1. Keep a set of travel sized (3.4 oz or less) toiletries in a clear travel bag. This way all you have to do is ensure that each bottle contains enough for the length of your trip. Everything I normally use is already in place so I don’t forget anything. This is also very handy for your gym bag!
  2. Items that you don’t keep an extra in a small size such as makeup, cotton balls, etc. should be kept out or placed directly into your travel bag after the last time you use them before your trip.
  3. Have a container specifically for your essential oils so there is less risk of breakage or leaking.
  4. Keep chargers for your phone and electronics with you and not just in your checked bag.
  5. Roll up clothing so it takes up less space and may be less wrinkled when you arrive at your destination.
  6. Take wrinkle free or lightweight items as much as possible. Bring an empty spray bottle so you can spritz clothing when you hang it up to loosen wrinkles.
  7. If you live in a hot place like I do here in the Sonoran Desert, remember that other places are likely to be cooler and be sure to take a jacket or sweater!
  8. If you fly a lot, consider enrolling in TSA PreCheck. This will get you through the security line much faster and with less inconvenience.
  9. Take a set of earplugs or headphones just in case the noise level gets out of control. A traveler I met told of an 11 hour flight during which a baby screamed the entire time. Don’t get angry, block it out!
  10. Only take bank/credit cards that you may need to use while away. Keep others secure at home.
  11. Don’t forget the Thieves and Stress Away!
I hope these tips are helpful to you! May your next trip be a fun adventure! 
What are some of your favorite travel tips?  Please share them in the comments below!


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