This is the season when most of us reflect on the things we are grateful for. We have just recognized the sacrifices of our military on Veterans Day, and now on to Thanksgiving,
a time when we are thinking about thankfulness and gratitude along with all that food!

All around the web we find articles about the many benefits of gratitude. Personally, I find that when I look at my life, my family and my friends with a sense of gratitude, I tend to find their positive attributes. It’s a wonderful thing to look at someone else and truly feel happy and blessed to have them in your life. In this life, we humans tend to look around and see those who have what we perceive to be “more” than we do, whether it be “more” career success, “more” financial success, “more” successful children, etc., on and on. In fact if we are honest with ourselves, we can look in another direction and see many people who are in a different place in life and don’t share even a small part of what we consider success.

Have you thought about what success is to you? Is it a balanced life? More money? A higher rung on the career ladder? What really truly makes you happy? Take a moment to consider it. Then, look around your life and write down the things that you are truly grateful for. A home, transportation, food to eat, family around, whatever it may be. Keep this list where you can refer to it when you feel down, or unsuccessful or frustrated with your kids or your spouse. It will help you keep a positive focus on life, not just during this Thanksgiving holiday, but all year round.

Gratitude essential oil is a blend composed of oils known to be soothing and relaxing, promoting feelings of peace and positive attitude. It has a lovely aroma, and is an essential part of my day. Apply it or diffuse while pondering the blessings in your life. It just might enhance those good things and give a lift to your day!

Happy Thanksgiving! 

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